Newly Released Hunter Biden Messages Show He Sold ‘Access’ to VP Joe Biden

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Troubling messages that were recovered on Hunter Biden’s iCloud backup were revealed by the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday. Breitbart reports, Hunter Biden, whose corrupt business dealings are currently being investigated, referenced “selling access” to his “family’s only asset.” Hunter was referencing his father Joe Biden as “the keys” to that “asset.”

The information revealed by the committee confirmed IRS whistle-blower Devon Archer’s claim that “Hunter Biden traveled the world selling access to the Biden ‘brand,’ meaning Joe Biden.”


Despite the efforts by the Justice Department to cover up the corrupt business dealings of the Biden family, the committee has uncovered damaging information along with troubling facts behind the Justice Department’s own corruption. According to the committee, “That Biden protection effort was strongest whenever investigative steps might have led to or implicated actions taken by Joe Biden […] During the investigation into his son, officials instructed investigators seeking a search warrant to erase any mention of a ‘Political Figure 1,’ who documents reveal to be Joe Biden.”

The committee obtained shocking documents that confirm associates of Biden’s business “had direct access to the White House and then-Vice President Joe Biden’s advisers.” The committee also shared that the business associates were required not to mention Joe Biden’s involvement, but logs show that the business associates visited the White House multiple times.


The Biden’s raked in millions of dollars through their business through shell companies in countries such as China, Romania, and Ukraine. House Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith (R-MO) summed up the alarming findings stating, “These documents show a clearer connection between Joe Biden, his public office, and Hunter Biden’s global influence peddling scheme that resulted in over $20 million in payments to the Biden family […] In addition to then Vice-President Joe Biden attending lunches and speaking on the phone with his son’s business associates, the details released today paint a fuller picture of how Joe Biden’s vice- presidential office was instrumental to the Biden Family’s business schemes.”

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